Find your herd anytime, anywhere

Perfect fit for Swiss Alps

What is Alplora?

Alplora is an animal tracker made for outdoor grazing animals in Swiss Alps.

Alplora is just like a cattle bell, but much better.



When an animal gets separated from the herd and is lost.



When a wolf gets close to the herd.



When one of the animals is hurt.

How does Alplora track my animals?

Each animal will be wearing a small tracker,

and the tracker will be sending a signal every 30 to 60 minutes.

Access app


You can see the animal locations on a map by logging into our Alplora app.

Get an alarm


When certain signals for danger are detected, Alplora sends an alarm to you.


Find your animal


You can locate the animal in trouble on the realtime map and can take actions for keeping the animal safe.

Why Alplora?

Perfect fit for Swiss mountains


Alplora is made and tested for Swiss Alps. It is a perfect fit for Swiss environment.

Energy efficient


Alplora uses the latest wireless technology, our batteries last the whole alp season.

Made with love


With a lot of love and respect for Swiss agriculture and nature, Alplora is made by a Swiss company.

Who needs Alplora?

Are your animals...

  • sheep, goats, cows or llamas living freely in the Alps?

  • wearing bells?

  • sometimes getting confused and going too far away from where they are supposed to be?

Do you...

  • have animals which are staying outdoor during some time of the year?

  • want to get an alarm when your animal is hurt, or in danger?

  • want to see where your animals are on your cell phone map?

  • want to make sure 24/7 that your animals are safe?

How do I get Alplora?

Click the button below and leave us your contact.

Team Alplora will contact you and visit you with a tracking device.